Music and Scripture with More Than A Song’s Michelle Nezat – S1E4

There’s a lot of significance to the number four. Consider a four-leaf clover, which some would call lucky.  Consider The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which I would think most would consider extremely unlucky. What about the Fantastic Four?  Not sure about lucky, but they’re pretty cool nonetheless.  Now, with all this considering you’ve done, what about Episode 4 of God, Guitars & Gear?  How ’bout you just listen and find out…


Chris was joined by Michelle Nezat, host of the “More Than a Song” podcast (subscribe here on Spotify) to talk about what she does during each episode.  Since 2014, Michelle has been examining popular contemporary christian songs, as well as our favorite new era hymns, using their lyrics to go back to the Bible for what God has to say.  Every episode is packed with spiritual truth from the best writer of all-time: God himself.  What Michelle shares is insightful, thought-provoking, and will stir you to you turn to scripture in a whole new way.

During the conversation, Chris mentioned several episodes that focus on some of the more popular music ministry selections; here are some you should check out:

#9 – Oceans

#138 – Great Are You Lord

#152 – Revelation Song

#154 – No Longer Slaves

#185 – O Come To The Altar

#271 – Build My Life

#360 – Graves Into Gardens

#367 – Battle Belongs

Please understand this is FAR from an exhaustive list, and you can find so much truth in every one of the episodes…even if you don’t particularly know or like the song (I know that personally  LOL).


Pickups are the heartbeat of any electric, but sometimes that beat just doesn’t seem to get a guitarist’s blood pumping.  If you’re looking for a great way to make your favorite sound like more than just one, Chris spends some time talking about – and highly recommending Guitar Fetish pickups and they’re really nifty Kwik-Plug system.

By rewiring your system with Kwik-Plug, you can swap out pickups in no time, and without solder.  Collect a nice mix of Guitar Fetish pickups, and you can mix-and-match to your heart’s content.  Since he first installed the system, Chris has got everything from high-gain humbuckers to lipsticks to Trons to humbucker-sized P90s!

Best of all, the pickup quality is there, and they’re really affordable, too.  Check them out at !


This week’s gear tip really isn’t about gear…it’s about something that’s about gear.  Not making any sense?  Let’s hope this helps: Chris recently watched Reverb’s new documentary “The Pedal Movie”, and he’s got a review for you.  You’ll get the good, the bad and the fuzzy on the film, and you can find out whether he thinks it’s worth the rent.