Building Guitars…And A Ministry – S1E5

If you have a hardhat laying around somewhere, it’s time to put it on.  If you don’t, maybe you can go to the party store and find one of those flimsy plastic ones.  No, it won’t protect you, but at least it’ll get you in the mood.

This episode is, for the most part, dedicated to building, so here’s the question of the day: can we build it?  Yes, we c–…actually, we’re not going to complete that line, because it may be copyright infringement.  But you get it, right?


As this episode is about building, Chris turned to scripture to point out some reasons almost everyone of note in the Old Testament built altars to God.  Chris shares some really good examples, but the main justifications were to recognize, identify and memorialize significant spiritual events and represent a supernatural intersection of a person’s sacrifice and God’s blessing.

Why share this info?  Chris offered that we, as worshippers who participate in music ministries, can build altars of our own to God when we’re called upon to serve.  To do this effectively, here are five steps to do build it:

  1. Sacrifice your time, energy, mind and heart to prepare to make your offering there. Pair your purpose with your practice.
  2. Acknowledge God’s blessing for you to be there in that place in that moment. God has gifted you with time, talent, and opportunity to serve him, to minister to Him.  Take time to thank Him for that honor.
  3. Pray that your offering will be found acceptable to God – that was described as a “pleasing aroma” coming from Noah’s altar in Genesis 8:21. Pray the Spirit will move through you and through God’s people.
  4. Anticipate God’s presence as you make your offering to Him. In Mt 18:20, Jesus says, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with him.”  Embrace this fact ahead of time.
  5. Proclaim His greatness as you serve Him and His people. Why do you think every episode of this podcast begins with Psalm 150:6?  Let’s praise the Lord!


Scott McDonald, owner/operator of Seventh Day Guitars, joined the show to talk about everything that goes into building a custom guitar for his clients, and shared the inspirational story that led to the birth of his company.  It’s not often you hear of someone taking a seemingly distant dream of building one guitar as a project to going all-in to serve God and build full-time in a company…all within a matter of months!  The circumstances – and Spirit-led events – that made it all come together will astound you.

Speaking of being astounded, if you check out his work, you’ll be astounded by the guitars he’s cranking out.  On the Seventh Day Guitars Facebook page, Scott’s got VERY detailed photo-journals of his work on various builds; here’s a couple we think you’ll enjoy:

Sound of Jericho



UPDATE: Since our conversation, Scott shared something pretty wonderful with us (along with all Seventh Day Guitars fans).  With every build going forward, he’s going to incorporate a small piece of fabric brought to America by a Panama City, FL ministry called “MissionMerch”.  This fabric is made by Christians in India, who cannot – for fear of harsh reprisals, arrest, imprisonment, torture, and even death – worship God and follow Christ in public.  Because these brothers and sisters are unable to minister to God and each other in song, every Seventh Day Guitar build will sing for them, proclaiming God’s power, strength, mercy and love.

From the MissionMerch website:

MissionMerch is a life-change retailer that offers missionary merchandise, each with its own unique story. Goods from all over the world are handcrafted and sold to support many missionary organizations; provide training and employment in extremely impoverished areas; and, equip prospective missionaries with the tools to practice sharing the gospel of Jesus. Purchases are changing lives and restoring communities.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit


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If overdrive is your thing…or if you want it to be your thing, but you just can’t seem to get it dialed in the way you want it, you’re not alone.  So, we’re bringing back Ty Caskey, our resident pedal guy, to talk all things OD – what it is, how it works, how to pick ’em, tweak ’em, stack ’em, and more.  He’ll also have some recommendations for you if you’re in the market.  And who doesn’t want another overdrive?  🙂