How WE Must Worship The King w Zach Neese – S1E7

We’re now into the second half of Season One here at God, Guitars & Gear, and we’re doing it in style.  If you’re one of the 100,000+ that owns How To Worship A King, you know that worshipping God is serious business.  Furthermore, you know that Zach Neese doesn’t pull any punches in those pages.


Zach joins Chris on the show this week, and there aren’t any punches pulled here, either.  Zach shares a multitude of scripturally-based truths about the good, the bad and the ugly concerning our what we have titled “worship.”  During the conversation, Zach addresses:

  1. The truth behind one’s calling
  2. The modern church’s biggest problem
  3. The link between music ministry and marketing, and what it has caused
  4. The battle between submitting our culture to the Word of God vs. submitting the Word of God to our culture
  5. What worship REALLY means, its relation to living in service to and ministry to God, His kingship and the gospel
  6. A lead electric guitar part vs. God’s prophetic word through a lead electric guitar part
  7. How to change the worship culture of your team and church
  8. A CRITICAL call to action for everyone involved in music ministry

And a whole lot more than that.

Simply stated, you must listen to this episode.  Better yet, listen actively, take notes, hit the rewind button, pray about what the Spirit is speaking to your heart through Zach.  Last, but not least, share this episode with anyone and everyone you can.  If you know anyone in music ministry, it’s a guarantee that they’ll benefit from it.


On the next episode, we’re going to be addressing a topic broached by listener Jeff Miller regarding the act of worship, and the best time to do it.  But we’re not going to dive in alone; we’ll be joined by Brandon Oaks, Worship Pastor at Ocean Church in Cape Coral/Estero, FL.  Brandon’s got some great ways to worship with your heart and your guitar, wherever you are.


BIG thanks to listener Chris Foster, who took a moment to send along a very encouraging email to .  It’s kind words like his that keep the fire burning for all of us.  Thanks for being a worshipper and encourager, Chris!