So When Do I Get To Worship? with Brandon Oaks – S1E8


A little while ago, I was on the “Line 6 Helix and Pod Go Worship Users” Facebook page, and a member named Jeff Miller shared this:

“I love playing on Sundays and helping the congregation to worship. I am blessed that the Lord is willing to use me in His ministry. However, I get so focused on the part I am playing and thinking about the next part coming up, making sure I am not too loud during the down moments, then add listening to the click, the cues, listening to the vocalist making sure they aren’t in a different place. Sometimes I don’t feel like I get a chance to worship, how do others focus on all those things and get to worship too?”

It was a big – and critically important – topic and question.  I know that, through my own experience, as well as through talking with Michelle Nezat (Episode 4) and Zach Neese (Episode 7), that worship not only can, but should, happen whenever and wherever you are in your day, not just on the stage.  But I wanted to get some help in not only providing specific ways to integrate worship into a guitarist’s regimen while preparing to make their offering in church.  And there was no better guy I knew to do this than Brandon Oaks.


Brandon’s currently the worship pastor at Ocean Church in Cape Coral, FL, and he is a former music leader at International House of Prayer.  Brandon shared an exercise he calls “singing scripture” – which makes sense, because that’s exactly what you do.  The concept is a simple one, but it’s extremely powerful, and one that WILL bring you into a place of worship during your practice time.  And here’s the bonus – when you feel comfortable doing it by yourself, you can teach it to your team, and then you can integrate into a special event with your entire church!  Bottom line – this won’t just help you worship God…it will help everybody!

I also had to talk with Brandon about his music, because he has released some very inspirational songs.  His most recent release, “Father of Lights”, really struck a chord (no pun intended, I promise) with me and I have a feeling it could really become a powerful song for congregations to sing.  Brandon shared the scripture behind the song and the compelling messages contained within it.  I really encourage you to check it out…here’s the Spotify link:

Brandon Oaks: Father of Lights on Spotify


You and me…we have a mission.  Well, actually I have a mission, and you’ve been drafted. 🙂  For years, I’ve been trying to find a pick that has the perfect combination of tone, firmness, hold and lifespan.  Now, with your help, it is time to successfully execute “Mission: Perfect Pick”. I have scoured music store shelves, clicked on countless Facebook ads, and scrolled through an infinite number of Amazon listings to sample picks of all shapes, sizes, materials, thicknesses and price points, all to find it.  The one.  THE Perfect Pick.

I’ve used Dunlops and Fenders over the years, but I decided to explore some different brands for this mission; I’m currently comparing offering from Thalia, HotPicks, Graphtech, Fred Kelly Picks, Howling Monkey Picks, Common Fibers and Timbre Gear.  But I want to try more, and I need your suggestions.  Reply to Mission: Perfect Pick posts on Instagram and Facebook, or just email me what you like – .  But do it quick, because I’ll have to get them ordered, delivered, and then test them.  Thanks!  Your country owes you for your service.


I’ve decided to join forces with you on a very special upcoming episode.  Since God calls us to build each other up, and we all know we could use it, I want to team up with you to have an “Episode of Encouragement”.  I need you to RECORD a word of encouragement you’d like to share with others who are participating in music ministry around the world.  We all know it’s not easy, but it would mean a lot to HEAR that we’re not alone, and our spiritual siblings are speaking truth into us, lifting us up in prayer, and are willing to go to the mat for us.

This episode has the potential to have a huge impact, but it can’t happen at all without you.  Record an mp3 of your encouragement, affirmation, a special scripture, a prayer, or maybe even a tip to help a team or guitarist to play better, practice more efficiently, or connect with God during a service.  Whatever God puts on your heart, put it in a recording and email it to me: .  I’m hoping to publish the “Episode of Encouragement” soon, so please follow the Spirit’s call on this one and send something in as soon as you can.


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