The Holy Spirit and One Perfect Pick

This one has been WEEKS in the making…and it’s been a bunch of fun, too.  It’s time to crown a champion – and worship a King!


During this episode, I’m going to be playing a bunch of music; playing acoustic, playing electric, playing chord progressions and lead lines.  Lots of different sounds, but they all come from one song: “Spirit Move” by our friend Ty Caskey.  It’s a great song that our music ministry team and our church family has really embraced for service, and I share with you in the hopes you’ll consider sharing it with your team.  Click HERE to find it on Spotify.

I asked Ty if it would be okay to post the lyrics here, because as I mention in this episode, I believe it’s an exquisitely balanced combination of thoughts to consider.  “Spirit Move” does a great job of simultaneously addressing the power and glory of God and the Spirit through both corporate and personal spiritual engagement.  Ty gave me the green light, so check this out:

I want to sit here in Your presence, I want to know more of Your goodness

Filled with wonder – expectation…for You to move within this place

Lord, we wait here for You…

This is a sacred invitation

The creator of all is here right now (yes, He is)

Filled with wonder – expectation…Lord we are gathered in Your name

Lord, we wait here for You…

Spirit come and move in our hearts, stir up revival in this place…Lord we worship You

Spirit come now and have Your way, Lord, let Your presence fill this place…Oh, we worship You

I feel it moving, my heart is pursuing everything you’re doing

Is making me new again

Your presence with me, pushing back the enemy…fear, you have no hold on me

Jesus is my victory!

Like I said, there are a lot of good and powerful things to think about when you take some time with the lyrics.  I’ll also tell you that, when you hear Ty’s recounting of the circumstances and the scripture that provide the motivation to write this song, you’ll have an even better connection to it.


I dug into the open of “Spirit Move” a bit to illustrate the importance of balance between offering YOUR excellence to God (your take on a track, your style and experience) as a truly unique gift and providing the structural foundation the rest of the team needs to play the song.  Forgive the sub-par acoustic work…


I put the wraps on this episode by putting the wraps on the Mission: Perfect Pick competition.  You get to hear some sound samples (in which I use Alex Strabala’s latest and greatest Helix patch) of a few different picks, including all the finalists.  So which pick takes home the crown?  Listen and find out!


Season One will come to an end with the “Episode of Encouragement”.  My hope is that, of all the episodes you’ve heard, this one will be the one you remember most.  If you need encouragement, affirmation, motivation – this is the episode for you, and I can think of no better to close this chapter of God, Guitars and Gear.


Ty Caskey – Ty wrote and performed the God, Guitars & Gear theme, and he also cranked out all that cool guitar wizardry that pops throughout each episode.  Connect with Ty:

  1. Instagram ( @tycaskeymusic )
  2. YouTube ( Ty Caskey )
  3. Spotify ( Ty Caskey )

Ambient Trails – AT does the well, ambient trails you hear in the background of every episode.  Hear more Ambient Trails on Instagram ( @ambienttrails )