Season Finale: The Episode of Encouragement – S1E12

In this, the Season One Finale of God, Guitars and Gear, I have the honor and privilege of sharing the uplifting and affirming words of show listeners.  Special thanks to Jamie Penner, Chris Foster, Jordan Clark, Josh Thompson and Patrik Tammelin for sharing their hearts, pointing us toward scripture, and through the Holy Spirit, coming together to give us all an important message.

I want to thank you for listening, subscribing, and sharing this podcast over the past three months.  I would also like to thank you for connecting with the show on social media and through email ( ).

Thanks to Ty Caskey and Ambient Trails for the great music that took this project to the next level.

Most of all, I’d like to thank God for opening all the doors and entrusting me with the opportunity to reach you through this first season.  It’s my prayer that, through these episodes, you’ve been able to grow as a worshipper, as a servant in your church’s music ministry, and as a guitar player, too.

Thank you so much for listening!